Evaluating Wodka Statistics

Like many card games that start with a randomized deal, there is a great deal of luck involved. Even a master such as myself cannot expect to win every hand as sometimes I simply won’t have the cards. Much of the skill in this game comes from making the most of the cards you are dealt.

This generally means maximizing the numbers of points you can gain on any given hand. Of course this starts with ensuring you are able to go out, but a key way to increase your points is to correctly place a Wodka or even a Grand Wodka.

Getting dealt all the aces plus an additional bomb is a great stroke of luck, but if all you do is secure a single point for going out, it is a missed opportunity as you likely could have gotten more points with a Wodka. In this article we’ll be looking at the Wodka Effectiveness Evaluation Score (WEES) for each of the players who have played more than 100 games in order to identify any patterns that may indicate point being left on the table or other bad habits.



The WEES is calculated from the number of Wodkas and Grand Wodkas placed per game played, along with the average success rate. It is the average number of additional points per game that player secures by succeeding Wodkas and Grand Wodkas.

For example, with my current stats:


Games Played252
Wodkas Placed214
Wodka Success Rate66.8224
Wodkas per Game0.8492063492
Wodkas Succeeded per Game0.5674600635
Wodkas Failed per Game0.2817462857
Net points from Wodkas per Game0.5714275556
Grand Wodkas Placed74
Grand Wodka Success Rate54
Grand Wodkas Per Game0.2936507937
Grand Wodkas Succeeded Per Game0.1585714286
Grand Wodkas Failed Per Game0.1350793651
Net Points from Grand Wodkas per Grame0.09396825397
Combined Net Points (WEES)0.6653958095

This is probably as close to optimal as realistically possible. I have a positive success rate with both regular and grand Wodkas, and a relatively high number of Grand Wodkas placed per game. This clearly means I am excellent at evaluating when a hand is sufficiently strong to place a Grand Wodka. I don’t have the highest success rate or frequency for either regular or Grand Wodkas, but all four stats are consistently good across the board resulting in the highest WEES by a significant margin.


Games Played214
Wodkas Placed166
Wodka Success Rate62.0482
Wodkas per Game0.7757009346
Wodkas Succeeded per Game0.4813084673
Wodkas Failed per Game0.2943924673
Net points from Wodkas per Game0.373832
Grand Wodkas Placed27
Grand Wodka Success Rate55.5556
Grand Wodkas Per Game0.1261682243
Grand Wodkas Succeeded Per Game0.07009351402
Grand Wodkas Failed Per Game0.05607471028
Net Points from Grand Wodkas per Grame0.05607521495
Combined Net Points (WEES)0.429907215

Sunil actually has a higher Grand Wodka success rate than I do. However when we look at the Grand Wodkas per game it’s at only half the rate at which I place them. From this we can learn that although Sunil does a good job of only placing winning Grand Wodkas, he is likely too conservative in doing so and is only placing a Grand Wodka with an overwhelmingly strong hand. Therefore he is missing out on points he could be getting with slightly lesser hand. This would likely reduce his Grand Wodka success rate slightly, but the average points per game could be increased.


Games Played147
Wodkas Placed145
Wodka Success Rate62.7586
Wodkas per Game0.9863945578
Wodkas Succeeded per Game0.619047415
Wodkas Failed per Game0.3673471429
Net points from Wodkas per Game0.5034005442
Grand Wodkas Placed46
Grand Wodka Success Rate45.6522
Grand Wodkas Per Game0.3129251701
Grand Wodkas Succeeded Per Game0.1428572245
Grand Wodkas Failed Per Game0.1700679456
Net Points from Grand Wodkas per Grame-0.1088428844
Combined Net Points (WEES)0.3945576599

Pawntoe4 has the highest number of Wodkas per game with nearly one and also a relatively high number of Grand Wodkas per game. Unfortunately in both cases the success rates are a little bit low meaning that this player is likely placing Wodkas with hands which are slightly too weak. I’m not sure if this player has a system for determining when it is acceptable to Wodka but if so, perhaps it should be re-evaluated.


Games Played112
Wodkas Placed78
Wodka Success Rate73.0769
Wodkas per Game0.6964285714
Wodkas Succeeded per Game0.5089284107
Wodkas Failed per Game0.1875001607
Net points from Wodkas per Game0.6428565
Grand Wodkas Placed14
Grand Wodka Success Rate12.8571
Grand Wodkas Per Game0.125
Grand Wodkas Succeeded Per Game0.016071375
Grand Wodkas Failed Per Game0.108928625
Net Points from Grand Wodkas per Gaame-0.371429
Combined Net Points (WEES)0.2714275

Kobbo has the highest success rate for regular Wodkas as well as the highest net points from Wodkas per game. She does also have a very low number of Grand Wodkas per game which suggests that strong hands which could have been a successful Grand Wodka are instead being left to be completed as a regular Wodka, resulting in a smaller number of points gained.


Games Played124
Wodkas Placed103
Wodka Success Rate65.0485
Wodkas per Game0.8306451613
Wodkas Succeeded per Game0.5403222177
Wodkas Failed per Game0.2903229435
Net points from Wodkas per Game0.4999985484
Grand Wodkas Placed40
Grand Wodka Success Rate40
Grand Wodkas Per Game0.3225806452
Grand Wodkas Succeeded Per Game0.1290322581
Grand Wodkas Failed Per Game0.1935483871
Net Points from Grand Wodkas per Grame-0.2580645161
Combined Net Points (WEES)0.2419340323

As the founder of the “Never Wodka Club” you would expect Almouse to have a low number of Wodkas per game but strangely thgis is not the case. His stats for regular Wodkas are actually very similar to my own so I have no criticisms there. However he does have a rather disastrous success rate with Grand Wodkas so perhaps he should instead be joining the “Never Grand Wodka Club”.


Games Played208
Wodkas Placed122
Wodka Success Rate60.6557
Wodkas per Game0.5865384615
Wodkas Succeeded per Game0.3557690096
Wodkas Failed per Game0.2307694519
Net points from Wodkas per Game0.2499991154
Grand Wodkas Placed163
Grand Wodka Success Rate46.6258
Grand Wodkas Per Game0.7836538462
Grand Wodkas Succeeded Per Game0.365384875
Grand Wodkas Failed Per Game0.4182689712
Net Points from Grand Wodkas per Grame-0.2115363846
Combined Net Points (WEES)0.03846273077

Tann has an unusual approach to this game which is to apparently Grand Wodka any time the initial eight cards look remotely promising. This has resulted in a Grand Wodkas per game double that of any other player but unfortunately this hasn’t translated into success with a very negative net points from Grand Wodkas per game. Because Tann places such a high proportion of Grand Wodkas that means far fewer hands can be a regular Wodka resulting in a low number of Wodkas per game. Even those have the lowest success rate of all the players analysed here so perhaps Tann simply likes the look of red circles.


In summary, there is a delicate balance when choosing to place a Wodka or a Grand Wodka and these stats clearly show that despite what may sometimes be shown on the unofficial rankings or by merely looking at Wodka success rates, I am undoubtedly the best at striking that balance.

2 thoughts on “Evaluating Wodka Statistics

  1. sunil.

    The WEES does not take into account the sometimes necessarily, if fruitless, Hail Mary Grand Wodka (HMGW). Perhaps Jack’s low GW success rate compared to Sunil’s is related to this fact: he is more willing to take a risk for the good of the team?

    1. Kcaj

      I think the more likely explanation is that Jack doesn’t often find himself in the situation where he needs to make a HMGW.


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