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  • Guest Post: Alternative Memory System
    Editor’s Note: After a reassuring amount of consistency in the leaderboard data over the past couple weeks, it appears that once again the integrity of the data is suspect. Apparently Sunil is […]
  • Passing Cards Part 4: Receiving
    Similar to Christmas, one of the most important aspects of passing cards is receiving them. You can get a lot of information from the cards you are passed and also use them […]
  • Are the rankings rigged?
    There are have been two instances recently where I have suspiciously found myself not at the top of the rankings according to the Kangaroo API. Thankfully on the official leaderboard hosted on […]
  • Walkthrough Wednesday #2
    Continuing in our series highlighting hands played from expert players, this week we are again showcasing a hand played by me. I think this is an interesting game because while I do […]
  • Guest Post: Psychological Profiling
    Editor’s Note: Thanks to the second leaderboard anomaly in as many weeks, it’s time for another guest post which this time has been authored by tann. I am beginning to suspect ranking […]
  • Passing Cards Part 3: Additional Considerations
    In the previous two posts we have examined some basic approaches for passing cards to opponents and your partner. In this post we shall look at some additional considerations that will really […]
  • Memory: A simple system
    In my last post on memory I outlined the basics of items that should be remembered while playing out a hand. Today we’ll look at a simple system that can be used […]
  • The Unforgettable Zero
    One of the, if not the most important special card is the red zero. This is the only card in the game which has the ability to grant an extra point and […]